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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Land Ahoy! One Eyed Sailor

I admit it, if I could I would watch food network all day every day, I would. So well as you can see I watch a lot of food network, and yesterday Paula Dean was making some breakfast/brunch dishes. She made one she called a one eyed sailor and I thought that would be the perfect Sunday morning breakfast for Ben, something new, fun and it looked so good when Paula made it. I made a few changes, because she made a cheese sauce to go with the one eyed sailors, and I thought that was just too much work for a Sunday morning. You can find her original recipe here.

So a one eyed sailor is a piece of bread with the center cut out, and an egg in the middle. Simple, but it looks extravagant and is soooo good.

One Eyed Sailor

2 eggs
2 pieces thick toast
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
pinch of chyanne pepper
1 1/2 tbsp butter
1/8 cup sharp cheddar cheese

You will also need medium sized cookie cutter, just big enough for an egg to sit in the middle of the bread. I used a frog, but I would recommend using a shape that doesn't have too many sharp edges. This will allow for the egg to sit better in the toast.

First cut out the centers of your bread. Then place butter in sautee pan and let melt, over medium heat add the spices to the butter and just stir to combine just so that the spices are even in the pan. Place bread with middle cut out in pan and crack egg into the middle, let sit, DO NOT MOVE, TOUCH, ANYTHING. Just let the egg and bread hang out until the egg is starting to cook and bread will be perfectly toasted, maybe 3 or 4 minutes on the first side. Then flip! The second side will take less time maybe 1 to 2 minutes, and then you have a one eye sailor. I then grated some sharp cheddar cheese on top before taking them out of the pan so it could melt into the top of the one eyed sailor.

Ben said "Tied for favorite with everything else." But he also said that if he had to only order one thing in a restaurant it would be this.

I also just grated up a Yukon gold potato and put it in a pan with a small yellow onion and let everything cook out until brown (a simple hash) to go with these one eyed sailors.


Anonymous said...


I do the same type thing with sugar cookies. I get 2 cookie cutters with the same shape but one is much larger than the other.

I cut out one big cookie, then cut out a smaller portion in the middle with the same cookie cutter shape as the big one.

Like taking a huge heart cookie cutter and cut a hole in the middle with another/smaller heart shapped cookie cutter.

then I take hard candy w/e and crush it up and put the crushed candy in the middle of the cookie. So now I have a huge heart shapped cookie with crushed up candy in the smaller shapped cookie hole.

Bake my cookies and when they come out of the oven they looked like stained glass.

ooh and yes Paula "Hung the Moon"

Bdub said...

The one eyed sailor is now shipwrecked and swimming around in my stomach. Delicious.

Lilly's Life said...

Oh my gosh that looks good and lots of fun. Tried the cof recipe and that was delicious. Now the chicken one also looks great, too.