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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Sunday for a Jewish Girl

What to bring to Easter...hmmm. I dunno, colored eggs baked into bread and other foods is too flamboyant for me. I don't exactly even know what this holiday is all about, something about Jesus I'm going to guess. So Easter for a Jewish girl who loves to bake cookies means, a plate full of cookies, 6 different kinds to be exact. The plate that I'm bring will include: Best Damn Chocolate Chip Cookies, Peppermint Jo Jo Brownies, Giant Chewy Ginger Cookies, Espresso Chocolate Shortbreads, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chippers (Ben's favorite) and Everything Chocolate Cookies. I'm going to make each a separate post so that each of the recipes have their own link. It may also take me a few days to get through them all. But here is the finished plate.

Here's the secret. Frozen cookies. When you make a batch of cookie put some or all right into the freezer, then you have a stock of many different kinds of cookies that you can always pull out and present all pretty like.

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